Jonathan Pardo




Jonathan has worked in the games and music tech industry for over a decade with an unwavering commitment to delivering quality audio experiences. Whether it be as an Audio Lead, QA Lead, or a Product Owner, his background as a composer & performer has always influenced his work. He has designed features, voiced characters, and even starred in game trailers.



Jonathan was the Audio Lead on the first musical virtual pet game, BeatNiks, which had a live-recorded original soundtrack featuring jazz musicians from Boston and Nashville. He also voiced multiple characters and co-designed some of the music-centric features.


Fantasia: MUsic Evolved

Whether designing features as a Product Owner or recording voice over as a singing yeti, Jonathan was able to contribute in many different ways to Fantasia. His operatic singing voice can be heard in multiple songs & remixes, and he contributed his own remix of the Peter Gabriel song "In Your Eyes."


HMX Livestream theme

 "Quite possibly the greatest theme song ever written," - Jonathan's mom

This twenty three second masterpiece is the intro theme music for the multi-weekly Twitch broadcast of the Harmonix Livestream.

knee deep

Nominated for a G.A.N.G. award in the Best Original Vocal Song - Pop category, Jonathan co-wrote the song "Cut Her Down" with his brother Steve Pardo for Knee Deep (Prologue Games.) The song became the main theme of the title, inspiring many instrumental covers that are present throughout the game.


ROck Band blitz

Jonathan wrote the original music used for the tutorials of Rock Band Blitz. The tutorial song "Baby Fat" went on to become a cult classic in the Rock Band community, with moving lyrics such as "We gotta lose that little caboose if it's the last thing we do / We're getting rid of baby fat."


Jaguar guitar reveal

Inspired by Apple's minimalist T.V. ads, Harmonix commissioned Jonathan to write a song worthy of the first foldable Rock Band guitar.

Rock Band VR

As the QA Lead on RBVR, Jonathan was part of the team tasked with redesigning Rock Band specifically for virtual reality. The new mode, which allows players to generate their own unique guitar parts, was described by Geekdad as "the way Rock Band should always have been played." (Listen to Jonathan's interview about RBVR in the Voices of VR podcast.) 


The Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles: Rock Band broke new ground in the RB franchise, as well as music gaming in general, as the first game that offered three-part vocal harmonies. As the Vocal System Owner, Jonathan worked closely with the engineers to create this new feature and studied the soloed vocal recordings, straight from Abbey Road Studios, to confirm that all harmonies in the game were absolutely correct. 




Jonathan is a also a singer-songwriter who has been writing original folk music for over a decade. His band, Opal Puckett, is made up of Jonathan and his wife Cara, as well as Steve Pardo and his wife Amy. Focused on an acoustic, harmony-driven sound, the quartet has been playing together in some format since 2008.


Opal Puckett

The debut E.P. released by Opal Puckett. Released January 6, 2014.


A collection of traditional hymns and spirituals arranged by Opal Puckett.

released August 28, 2015 


Jonathan Pardo is an award-nominated composer and vocalist who has been working in the video game industry for over a decade. He currently works at the smart-speaker company Sonos as a Beta Program Manager. Before that, he worked for almost a decade at Harmonix Music as a Quality Assurance Lead. He has held multiple roles over the years, from QA Lead on Rock Band VR to Product Owner on Fantasia: Music Evolved. Jonathan was also the Audio Lead on the first musical virtual pet game, BeatNiks, which had a completely live-recorded original soundtrack featuring professional jazz musicians from Boston and Nashville.  

His music for the game Knee Deep was nominated for a G.A.N.G. award in the Best Original Vocal Song - Pop category. Outside of games, Jonathan is a singer-songwriter for the folk band Opal Puckett, a quartet focused on intricately arranged four-part vocal harmonies. He attended Berklee College of Music and the Hartt School of Music where he was trained in vocal jazz and opera, respectively. He currently lives in Somerville, MA with his wife, daughter, dog, and cat.